Stop Hiding Under Layers of Clothing

Rock your body with non-surgical fat reduction in Millington, TN

Are you tired of spending every summer hiding your problem areas under baggy T-shirts? Do you position your face just right so your double chin doesn't show in pictures? Divine Goddess Curves has the perfect solution. Come to us for non-surgical fat reduction at our medical spa in Millington, TN.

We offer treatments that target different areas to provide the results you want. Choose from Kybella injections for your face or Lipo Lab injections for your body. Lemon Bottle injections are also available to tighten your skin. Depending on your preference, we recommend injections once to twice weekly until you love how you look.

What to expect during your consultation

Our beauty professional wants you to feel at ease during your treatments. That's why we schedule a consultation to get to know you better. During your initial appointment, we'll:

  • Take your measurements
  • Review your goals
  • Discuss our recommended number of sessions
  • Go over our different packages

We want you to feel more confident and beautiful in your own body. Reach out to learn more about our medical spa treatments.